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Choctastique Cake & Craft Group stock the Choctastique range, to ensure that cakes can be decorated with ease. These cake scrapers are transparent, allowing you to view your actions underneath the scraper whilst decorating. Ensuring that you cannot go wrong and achieve the desired outcome every time without fail. Alongside this, they boast to be one of the thickest scrapers on the market (4.5mm) allowing no bend or tilt to allow flawless smoothness. The small bevel on the transparent culinary scraper's edge can be used to precisely ganache, mask or smooth buttercream on cakes. The scraper is strong enough to also be used as a ruler to straighten any cake decoration, from candy stripes to edging cakes. Cake & Craft Group stock a wide variety of sizes from 12cm x 8cm to 30cm x 8cm, perfect for ganaching the tallest of cakes.